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Safety and Loss Prevention Conference Focuses on Severity Reduction


Reducing the severity of claims resulting from automobile accidents and on-the-job injuries is always top of mind for pest management professionals as they navigate their businesses through waters that are more litigious than ever.

To assist pest control business owners and managers identify practices that can reduce the severity and cost of claims, and promote an enhanced culture of safety, PestSure welcomed more than 100 of its insureds to Park City, Utah, October 25-26 for the captive’s annual Safety and Loss Prevention Conference.

“Having more than 100 industry professionals invest in two days of intense learning and networking on safety and loss prevention tells you that PestSure member companies are serious about reducing risks for their companies, employees and customers,” says Todd Burke, COO of PestSure. “There is no other event like this in the pest control industry and it reinforces our commitment to provide our insureds with the tools they need to create proactive safety cultures in their organizations.”

The two-day event featured presentations that positively influence the way pest management professionals train and educate employees on best practices to reduce risk while protecting consumers, and their homes and businesses from destructive and health-threatening pests. In addition to risk reduction strategies, attendees identified methods for reducing costs and inefficiencies associated with not developing and continuously promoting good safety practices.

Featured sessions at the Safety and Loss Prevention Conference included:

  • Your Best Defense – Steven Rothman, Jones Foster
  • Insurance Certificates: Just A Piece of Paper – Maria Maldonado, PestSure
  • The Subcontractor Relationship: Avoiding Misunderstandings – Kristina Phillips, PestSure
  • Spill Prevention: Inconvenience or Disaster? - Alan Harlan, Team Pest
  • Respirator Programs - Mike Voss, Cook’s Pest Control
  • The School of Hard Knocks: Why On the Job Training Is Key - Mark Sheperdigian and Mark Vander Werp, Rose Pest Solutions
  • Modified Return to Work Programs - Craig Sansig, Viking Termite and Pest Control
  • Fleet Safety: Back to the Basics – Linda Midyett, PestSure
  • OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping – Richard Spencer, Arrow Exterminators

Celebrating 42 years as a valued industry resource, PestSure provides insurance, safety and risk management services and consulting to pest management companies representing $2.6 billion in revenue, $900 million in payroll and over 19,000 service vehicles.

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