Repel Risk!

Loss Prevention

Successful pest control operators trust PestSure’s insurance expertise to manage risk, avoid claims and save money. We are a one-stop resource for insurance and risk-management needs, including loss-prevention programs centered on work procedures and safe driving and hiring practices that reduce claims.

PestSure is managed by pest control operators, which means we are part of the pest control industry and have a vested interest in continually studying the issues that affect it, proactively looking for ways to mitigate and cover your risk while adding value to your coverage, now the broadest in the marketplace.

This includes:

  • Policies written specifically for pest management in accord with National Pest Management Association contract guidelines
  • A full-time loss-control department
  • Complimentary consulting services that include risk management, loss prevention and claims reduction
  • Personalized, ongoing education at your facility and online
  • Online access to industry-specific safety and loss-control information
  • Executive reports and analysis
  • Access to the best and most experienced team in the pest control insurance industry

Safety and Training Services

There are many aspects of running a pest control business that keep operators awake at night, and workplace accidents and workers’ compensation claims are top on the list.

Focused training is the first step in keeping technicians safe and reducing workers’ compensation claims. As part of our members’ policy, PestSure’s safety team will help to develop a corporate culture that reduces the autopilot mind-set that can lead to costly accidents. This includes:

On-site Safety Services

On-site training is part of members’ comprehensive program benefits. There is never a charge for travel, and on-site services include:

  • Training at your company location, meetings and events
  • Location audits
  • Written safety program reviews
  • Job hazard assessments
  • Assistance with OSHA

Risk Assessment

Reveal hidden exposures with a review of past losses. Members use PestSure’s loss specialists to evaluate trends and identify ways to prevent recurrence, identify risks, implement solutions and train staff. Assessment services include:

  • Loss control program assessment
  • Site inspections
  • Loss trending
  • Benchmarking with the industry

Industry-specific Tools

PestSure provides members with tools to keep safety programs and training current and manageable, including up-to-date industry best practices. This includes:

  • Custom training program design
  • Functional job screening system
  • Group pricing on background screening
  • Free MVRs
  • Functional job descriptions
  • Contract and agreement reviews
  • Inspection templates
  • Written policy templates
  • Safety program manual templates
  • Online access to customizable PowerPoint training presentations

Safety Program Evaluation

Keeping up with new regulations can be time-consuming and complicated. PestSure helps its members by evaluating their programs and identifying the changes they need to make to comply with new regulations. This includes:

  • New-hire orientation review
  • Training program evaluation
  • Safety program review
  • Return to Work program evaluation