Claims Relief!

Claims Support

PestSure’s dedicated claims team works for you, and going the extra mile for our customers is routine rather than rare.

When you have a claim, simply call our claims support team and we’ll help you through all phases of the process. The only thing our adjustors handle are pest control–related claims, which means we have the in-depth industry-specific knowledge necessary to help mitigate and cover your risk.

A dedicated nurse case manager, a full-time member of the PestSure team, also stands ready to help you lower your medical expenses and navigate challenging workers’ compensation claims.

Call us, and we’ll be by your side throughout the claims process.

Filing a Claim

PestSure offers fast, dependable claims handling. Our claims teams understand the challenges that pest control operators face, and when members have a claim we look for ways to cover losses and protect your business.

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Liability Claims:

Workers’ Compensation Claims:

Claims Team

PestSure has dedicated teams for handling automobile liability, general liability and workers’ compensation claims. Each has industry-specific knowledge and administers claims exclusively for PestSure members, making them one of your best allies in managing your claims. If you have a claim, you can count on PestSure to be by your side.