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Avoiding Parking Lot and Backing Accidents

Parking lots are a lot riskier than most drivers think.

Many pest control technicians likely believe there is a greater chance of being involved in an accident while driving between service appointments than maneuvering through a crowded parking lot.

Would it surprise you that 20 percent of vehicle accidents take place in parking lots and garages? That is 1 in 5 accidents, according to statistics from the National Safety Council.

All too often, technicians park their service vehicle in a manner that invites trouble. Parking lots are full of hazards including backing vehicles, pedestrians, carts, confusing traffic patterns, limited visibility and congestion. In addition, many lots have fixed objects such as utility access points, barricades, cart corrals, and landscape.

Since most parking lot accidents happen when exiting the lot, it is important for technicians to plan their exit route ahead of time. And even though their vehicle and other vehicles are moving slowly in a parking lot a collision can still result in significant damage and possibility for injury.

Parking Lot and Backing Best Practices

Most parking lot and backing crashes are "preventable” if technicians follow their driver safety training. To help reduce the risk of being involved in a parking lot, PestSure offers the following tips to help technicians develop better safe driving practices.

  • When in doubt, get out and look; remember to use your hazards/flashers when you exit the vehicle
  • Keep your focus on your task - keep items off your dash to avoid blocking the defroster vents, let a ringing cellphone go to voicemail
  • Select your parking spot to avoid backing even if it means a little farther to walk
  • Avoid blindside backing up, back to the driver’s side
  • Use a spotter for backing if possible
  • Take your time: an accident will steal all the time saved and more
  • Never move your vehicle with the doors or tailgate open
  • Always put on your seat belt
  • Idling speed is perfect for backing up
  • A right turn is always safer than a left turn
  • If possible, avoid gas stations/convenience stores during busy periods (morning and late afternoon)
  • Do a quick walk around inspection of your vehicle before you leave
  • Double-check your exit route: have cars parked in new spots? Has a dumpster moved?
  • Don't overlook overhead clearance
  • Watch for taillights and reverse lights when going through a parking lot

PestSure – Your Partner in Safety

Founded in 1980, PestSure is the only insurance and risk management provider that is 100 percent dedicated to the pest management industry. It offers industry professionals a full suite of insurance, risk management, and safety training and education offerings.
PestSure provides insurance, safety and risk management consulting to pest management companies representing $2 billion in revenue, $750 million in payroll and more than 16,500 service vehicles. The program is administered by Alliant Insurance Services.

Call 888.984.3813 or visit our contact page for more information.

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