Stronger Together!

The PestSure Difference

PestSure strives to be a long-term, trusted advisor and business partner with its members. We offer the only true program for the pest control industry that provides a consistent underwriting platform and eliminates surprises.

Key Advantages

  • PestSure is the only insurance program completely owned and operated by pest control operators.  
  • Members consider PestSure their trusted risk advisor, claims advocate and loss-prevention specialists — all included in the cost of the annual premiums. A full-time loss-prevention manager helps pest control operators minimize their risk of loss by offering guidance about work procedures, driving practices and hiring systems that reduce claims.
  • PestSure offers its members predictability and stability. After 42 years we offer the most comprehensive coverage terms and the most experienced claims and loss-prevention team in the business.
  • Individual rates are based on the safety record of the applicant or member. There’s no such thing as a “group rate” — if a member company has consistently low claims, it gets our lowest rate. Contrary to most insurance carriers, the underwriting is done in our office, and we humanize the process.  
  • When there is a loss, a dedicated team of claims experts knows how to handle them, being careful about the way the company settles it because it is spending members’ money.
  • based on underwriting results, profits from the company can be shared with member shareholders.

Like your Insurance agent?

We’ll make sure they can access PestSure as an option for you and work with your broker.