Reliability Attracts!

Why Members Renew

PestSure attracts and retains leaders in the pest control industry because they have come to rely on the company for consistent, fair pricing; unwavering claims support; and no dread or hassle when it comes time to renew — they keep the process simple.

Like Your Current Agent or Broker?

Great relationships are important. If you have a valued relationship with an agent, we’ll make sure they can access PestSure as an option for you.

Top 10 reasons PestSure members renew year after year

10. As a stockholder of PestSure, you have the potential to share profits of the company. 
9.  PestSure proactively addresses the changes in our industry.
8.  We offer personalized, ongoing education at your facility and online.
7.  PestSure will help you avoid claims by showing you how to prevent them.
6.  PestSure customers have access to an open forum with leaders in the industry.
5.  You have more time to grow your business rather than worry about insurance.
4.  We reliably pay claims and invest in dedicated claim teams that know pest control. 
3.   PestSure’s rates are stable, allowing business owners to budget with certainty.
2.  There are no surprises at renewal.
1. We’ll make buying insurance so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!