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Filing a ClaimPestSure service is exceptional. The reporting, risk-management information and help I get with claims is outstanding. I switched to PestSure in 1992 and have not regretted my decision.Filing a Claim

—    Phil Cooper
       Cooper Pest Control, Inc.

Filing a Claim

Filing a Claim


PestSure offers fast, dependable claims handling. Our claims teams understand the challenges that pest control operators face, and when members have a claim we look for ways to cover losses and protect your business.


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Liability Claims:


Workers’ Compensation Claims:


Claims Team


PestSure has dedicated teams for handling automobile liability, general liability and workers’ compensation claims. Each has industry-specific knowledge and administers claims exclusively for PestSure members, making them one of your best allies in managing your claims. If you have a claim, you can count on PestSure to be by your side.