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 PestSure pest control insurance
 A state-of-the-art comprehensive pest control insurance policy from Pestsure will address the unique coverage requirements for companies that provide pest control services.
 Pestsure has a Full-time loss control department to protect your bottom line
 Why Choose Pestsure for Pest Control Insurance?
 A medical performance manager to help manage the medical costs on workers’ compensation claims.
 Exclusive, robust on-line member resources that include do-it-yourself curriculum on more than 200 subjects available to download and use as part your safety traini
 Successful pest control operators trust PestSure’s insurance expertise to manage risk, avoid claims and save money.
 We are a one-stop resource for insurance and risk-management needs, including loss-prevention programs centered on work procedures and safe driving and hiring practices that reduce claims.

Pest Control Business Insurance

PestSure is much more than a pest control liability insurance company. We are a valued resource for the pest control industry.


Pest Control Business Members rely on us for the best coverage — specifically tailored to pest control operators. Our team understands your business and risk exposures, and we strive to make the cost of pest control liability insurance premiums stable and predictable so you can focus on running your business.


PestSure works with agents and brokers. If you would like to receive a proposal from us, have them give us a call at 800-326-6203.

Industry Trends

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Pesticide contamination is usually found on hands, yet a self-reported PPE usage survey reveals that only 25 to 30 percent of pesticide users always use gloves for mixing and application.

Dermal Exposure Associated with Occupational End Use of Pesticides and the Role of Protective Measures - Science Direct


How to Join PestSure

PestSure is an association of Pest Control Operators who have banded together to provide insurance coverages for association members.


Our program is designed for PCO's with annual sales of $2 million or more.


The first step in joining is to determine if your organization meets this level.


Second, browse our web site. There's a lot of information about us, why we were formed, our board, the coverages we offer and some frequently asked questions.


Then if you would like to learn more about PestSure, contact Todd Burke or Kristina Phillips at 1-800-326-6203. They will be happy to answer all your questions.


Finally, if after talking with Todd or Kristina you are ready to get started, we will need to have more information about your firm, which is outlined in the required applications. Submit these to Gallagher 30 days prior to expiration and we will contact you with any questions and begin the quotation process.


We are very selective and to be admitted to the group all applicants require approval from our Board of Directors. If you should decide to join us, you can feel confident that we will not be looking to grow the PestSure organization simply for the sake of size. Our strength has come from the selection of good insureds and those who are looking for a long-term relationship.

We hope you will consider joining PestSure!

Todd Burke can be reached at 800-326-6203 or by Email